A beautiful day for soccer! I love fall weather, I can’t wait for the trees to start changing. (at Bristol Soccer Club)

So excited for some girl time and relaxing.

I was going through my weekend photos and found this from a geocache from yesterday. It was Halloween themed, though even we weren’t expecting to find a big black rat on a tree. Love his expression. #geocaching

Every time I go back to editing this is what I return to. He can’t just pick a cushion?

The trash the geocachers picked up at yesterday’s CITO (cache in trash out) event at Union Pond in Manchester. A great morning of caching and doing some good for the environment. #geocaching (at Union Pond)

Ally & Mike’s wedding - capturing the little details. #katlougheryphotography (at HYATT house Hartford North/Windsor)

Checking out the grounds for tomorrow’s wedding. A beautiful location! #katlougheryphotography (at Maneeley’s Banquet Hall & Catering)

Fred strumming on the guitar he bought with a gift card from Grandma Donna. He loves music.

Pickled peaches and candied bacon. There are no words for how ridiculously amazing that bacon is. #candiedbacon (at Barley Vine)

Over editing photos to create false beauty gives false illusions to the youth of today. This is me, this is what I can do with editing software. This is what I won’t do with editing software. #naturalbeauty #beautycomesfromwithin #beproudtobeyou #katlougheryphotography