It only began climbing over this cliff, no big deal. I feel like heck and amazing at the same time. #milesofledges #whitedottrail (at Mile of Ledges & Tory Den)

How awesome, Applebee’s is doing a Make-a-Wish fundraiser. (at Applebee’s)

Best spring break ever. So much quality time with my little guy. #lovemynephew

Perfect drink for such a beautiful day. #trenta #coollimerefresher #starbucks (at Starbucks)

Fred cracked me up this morning - he was fascinated by his peep donut. #ihatepeeps #blech

Last night was pure magic. I can’t wait to hear how much money was raised for Make-a-Wish CT. CTWishgala I really want this poster, I should have bid on it. I wonder if I can buy one of the duplicates.

At the state competition for Odyssey of the Mind.

Getting a sneak preview of this years amazing musical talent. Absolutely amazing!! #ctwishgala #makeawish

I’m happy to report that my stepfather loved his birthday presents! #bacon #yum #baconbowl

My new favorite game. #girlsnight