Emily’s last request being fulfilled #amazing #frozenhotchocolate #coffee @mountainmuddburlington

Loki is going to miss Emily, he has really taken to her. <3

I’m so excited for the show to get started!!! #shearmadness #boston (at Shear Madness)

It didn’t look like much but wow, fantastic. Lillith’s Pan Asian Salad (sans tomatoes). I can see why it is listed as one of “Norm’s favorites” #cheersboston #salad (at Bull and finch)

You know your from Texas when you don’t have a swimsuit and you ask how you use the boogieboard. #summer #swimming

There is a reason they call Mystic Pizza “a little slice of heaven.” Their chicken Gorgonzola pizza is hands down the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Emily agrees. #pizza #foodie (at Mystic Pizza)

Loki LOVES Fred. Fred laid down on the floor and Loki immediately laid down next to him. I seriously love them together.

Pirates of the Caribbean skateboard $10 tag sale find. I was out scouting inexpensive antique/old country decor items when we came across this. Of course he wanted to wear a dress shirt and slacks, so he is the best dressed kid at the skatepark. #tagsalefind (at Rockwell Park)

Enjoying another beautiful summer afternoon. #boogieboardsurfing

After watching some history channel about Titanic brought on by a friend posting a movie question I decided I wanted to watch this epic movie, streaming it from my phone to the tv. Chromecast is one of the best and inexpensive electronic items I have ever purchased. #chromecast #titanic