Location #2 for my senior portrait session was at her dance studio, we had fun with the mirrors. Spectacular lighting, I may have to rent that location for indoor winter sessions. #seniorportrait #katlougheryphotography

Let the celebration begin! #batmitzvah (at Pond House Cafe)

Fred’s new haircut - just in time for his fall photos. Pine Lake looked beautiful so I had to take advantage of the foliage and the day off.

Brian made homemade Gouda bacon turkey burgers. So good! Everything is better with bacon and cheese.

A beautiful day for a photo shoot. #katlougheryphotography

The dinner of champions - cheese burger/ bacon cheeseburger meatballs and Mac and cheese. Yummy!

Spending time with my guy and his daughters, he made yummy apps and rented The Hobbit. #qualitytime

The sky is amazing today. I love seeing the trees changing color. #fall (at Baltic, Connecticut)

Jeter’s last first at bat. I can’t believe it’s his last game. Double!!! #yankees #derekjeter

I love when my mom comes across one of my school papers from when I was in grade school. Happy Gloppy the Floppy Moppy? And yes folks, that’s called cursive. lol